DriftWood Collection

DriftWood Collection

Of Earth, Sea & Sky 

Growing up, weekends were spent exploring the beautiful places Australia has to offer. My parents, nature enthusiasts, would take us on road trips camping, canoeing, reptile catching and adventuring. Time was spent both inland and coastally, giving me a deep appreciation for this beautiful land.

From as far back as I can remember, beach combing has been my all time favourite hobby. Weekdays after school, I would go down and collect the sea glass from the remains of the old Dee Why Beach pool, nestled just next to the existing one.

Holidays were spent roadtripping, from the white sands of far north QLD and down the Coral Coast, to the stretching line of Cable Beach and beyond in WA.

Weekends however, were mostly spent on Worimi Country, between Seal Rocks, Lighthouse and Cellito, walking up and down the pristine shores collecting glass, rocks and shells while admiring both the smaller sculptural and the looming colossal pieces of driftwood. These pieces shaped by years of sun, sand and salt twisted in beautiful patterns, smooth and organic which captured my attention and held it for years as a constant source of inspiration.

This range will be the embodiment of that feeling for me, complete contentment in both my own and natures company and that of each treasure found, loved and returned.

Each piece in this collection will be purely one-of-a-kind, focusing on the different tones of these beautiful environments.

Custom cut and unique stones will work with mixed metals to showcase this unique palette. Pale bleached to fresh timber, sand as yellow as Palmy or as white as Airlie. The light aqua-blue of Cabbage Tree Bay to the eerie green-grey of the Sydney Harbour beaches. 

Limited custom pieces will be available, using stones already in the collection.

Ready to wear pieces will appear sporadically, as stones and ideas pop up with no regard for commercial timelines. 



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