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“Aurora” - Finalist Neckpiece for the 2021 Jewellers Association of Australia Jewellery Design & Manufacturing Awards

Katie Law | 15 December, 2021

            “Aurora” - Finalist Neckpiece for the 2021 Jewellers Association of Australia Jewellery Design & Manufacturing Awards

Voting is now open! “Aurora” is B06, enter for your chance to win a gorgeous silver necklace. https://www.jaa.com.au/vote/


Now more than ever Australians have been turning their attention toward our incredible native land, sea and skyscapes.

Inspired by the Southern Lights phenomenon (Aurora Australis) visible from Tassie, Victoria and Adelaide, “Aurora” is a celebration and a showcase of the incredible beauty and subtle resilience Australia has to offer when we look inwards.

The idea of liquid movement captured in metal has always fascinated me. The contrast in textures are what brings this fluidity to life, showcasing the ribbons in different lights, accentuated by a twist of tiny diamonds floating just above the collarbone.

Ribbons of contrasting continuous matte 18ct yellow gold and brightly polished 950 Platinum twist around the neck, a dancing play of colour and texture that meet at a phenomenal Master Cut 4.16ct Australian Parti Sapphire, echoing the colours of the Southern Lights themselves.

Separating the delicate framework are Carre-cut diamonds and a matched cut Parti sapphire, making each viewing angle a subtly different experience.

Each stone is held in a two-tone bezel or semi-bezel, connecting with the opposite metal in a precious magnetism.

To form such a simple, liquid shape there was only once chance to get each twist, bend and manipulation perfect, as the chances of kinking with a re-bend was too high. I made six silver pieces and marked each measurement and movement down on both the metal and in my Aurora portfolio. 



18ct yellow gold, Platinum

4.16ct Bi-Colour Specialty Cut Australian Sapphire

1.35ct Specialty Cut Australian Parti Sapphire

0.26ctw FVS Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

0.28ctw EVVS Carre Cut Diamonds


A long, thin piece of gold twists apron itself, its edges lined with tiny diamonds. Shadowed by a smaller, finer piece of high polished platinum that twists in a reflection of the main piece